For your convenience, my most common student questions are answered right here.

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Q: How much do your lessons cost?

A: See the policies/rates documents on the “Lesson Info” page.

Q: What ages do you accept for students?

A: I have students who range in age from 8 years old all the way to retirement age.  I usually recommend 8 years old as the youngest age, because of the hand strength and size needed to properly fret notes.

Q: How long are your lessons?

A: Lessons are 60 minutes long; half of that time is spent on learning to read music/music theory, and the other half is spent learning chords and the songs you want to learn!

Q: Do you do group lessons?

A: I will do group lessons for three or more people; the lessons don’t cost as much per person, but you also will not receive as much personal attention or customization as you would in a private lesson.

Q: What musical styles do you teach?

A: Once you acquire the basic skills to navigate the notes on a guitar/bass/mandolin, I can teach essentially any style:  rock, pop, jazz, country, and classical.

Q: What about songwriting?

A: I do teach songwriting as well.  Students will learn how to craft both lyrics and melody, and can then record their own demos.