*Just wanted to say thank you for teaching me all I know! I just got out of jazz band and it went super well! I’ll have to send you a performance sometime. Just wanted to let you know that you taught me well, and everything I learned is carrying over perfectly! Thank you so much!      JG

*Steve is an awesome musician and music lover, a great teacher and all around nice guy. He can teach everything from beginner to expert guitarists. You’ll be playing songs almost immediately and as you advance, if you choose to, you can learn the music theory that will support more advanced playing including lead or improvising solos. I thoroughly enjoy my time at the lessons, but it goes by too fast! I’m provided with homework to build on the lesson and am really happy with my progress, personally. If you are on the fence about taking lessons, I recommend you just do it. Try it for awhile. You’ll keep coming back.  SW – Kirkwood MO

*Steve has been a fantastic instructor for my son who took up guitar at the age of 14.  Steve is not only a talented musician himself, but encouraging, creative, funny and takes a very personal interest in the success of his students, musically and otherwise. My son has really excelled under Steve’s tutelage and I highly recommend him as an instructor !        CBK ~ Des Peres, MO

*My lessons with Steve have been invaluable so far! I am playing songs and using techniques that I never thought I would be able to do before. His teaching style is very friendly and supportive, but he also pushes you out of your comfort zone- the only way to get better!

I am very impressed with how he tailors the lessons to what I want to learn, but also teaches theory and technique by introducing songs that will put to use the skills that we are working on that week. This has been very effective for me and reinforces what I am learning, be it barre chords, finger-picking style, strumming pattern, riffs, etc. I also really appreciate his knowledge base and wide musical taste – he is willing to teach me any song I want to learn, any genre, in the correct way, even if he’s not as familiar with it (which doesn’t happen very often!). He also instructs me on vocals and harmonies, and is great at picking out songs that will fit my vocal range and style. One other important aspect of his teaching is that he takes the time to make sure the arrangements of the songs are correct, the way the artist intended- something I have been frustrated with when I try to find music or charts for songs on my own.

If you’re looking to further your skills with lead guitar, rhythm guitar, finger picking techniques, at any level, I would recommend lessons with Steve- you won’t regret it!     CB – Kirkwood MO

*My son is a bit introverted, never really attached to anyone or any activity.  He asked to take guitar lessons and we found Steve Staicoff.  Steve was able to reach J and I watched as J opened up with Steve.  It was exciting to watch J learn the language of music and make music with his guitar.  J and Steve have a connection and J has found a comfort zone.  J actually enjoys the recitals although nervous, he and Steve work together to make sure he is prepared.  I love listening to J practice his guitar, playing songs from “Happy Birthday” to “The Star Spangled Banner” and many, many more.  Thank you Steve, for showing J the beauty of music and providing him the confidence he has developed while learning playing the guitar with your mentorship.  We are forever grateful!   ~SD

*My daughter’s guitar lessons with Steve are the highlight of her week! Steve does a great job balancing basic, fundamental instruction with instruction on my daughter’s current musical interests. My daughter was learning one of her favorite pop songs during her second lesson with Steve – she’d never taken any music lessons before this. She was delighted! This attention to my daughter’s interests keeps her enthusiastic about practice and lessons. I highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to learn from someone passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable about music who shows a great deal of respect to his students!  KSF

My daughter has been in lessons for a little over a year with Steve. Investing in lessons has been rewarding on many levels. The confidence level in our daughter has risen dramatically, as well as her chance to develop a personality outside of just a school and family. Steve has worked with H in so many ways, including looking out for our “lefty” and helping us to locate the left handed music and chord-books that make things easier for her. For once, instead of her being the odd (wo)man out, he reminds her that she is in company with the greats, Hendrix and McCartney. Of course we are developing her brain and getting into a routine of practice and hard work, but at the same time we are developing a family love of music that extends to DJ-ing car trips and peaceful evenings before bed, strumming tunes. She has learned to appreciate some of Mr. Staicoff’s favorite musicians, and has been able to share some of her own with him. He always takes her suggestions to heart, researches them and she frequently gets to learn chords through some of her own favorite songs & musicians. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our lessons and instruction! It has brought our whole family together and we were given a great local referral by Steve for our little drummer boy.  LH